Monday, November 02, 2009

Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society (GARS) is Officially Launched

After a very, very long break, I'm finally back into the fishing scene.

The past few months have been very hectic ones with the setting up of Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society(GARS). GARS aims to promote sustainable fishing and also the rehabilitation of our fishing environs.

We've been running fishing clinics and have also just completed 3 days of exhibitions at Clean & Green Singapore 2009; officially announcing our existence to the public.

While working to put our photos onto our blog, our president found, on the fishing kaki forum, someone using on our name as his advertisement citing his fishing pond as "The Home for Game fish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society (GARS)" in his signature.
Strangely enough, the person signed off as Bob; who happens to be my previous business partner. I'm really tired after a long day of canvassing so I thought I would just sleep it off and maybe confront him tomorrow.

Then, my president informs me that he saw a couple of posts in the Malaysian Fishing Net Forum that were put up by imposters of me. The first one delongsim plagiarized posts from my blog while also using our society's logo.

In another post, delongsim plagiarized my Maldives articles. Then, melvinsim posts to ask delongsim to "Please stop stealing articles from my blog !"

So, have I become so famous that I have people impersonating me? Then why am I still struggling to get rich?

Are my articles so well-written that I have been plagiarized? Then why have I not received offers from publishers or advertisers on my blog?

Should I look upon this as a compliment?

What a welcome for me.