Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fly Fish with Mel: Back to Counting...

The Friends

There is a uniqueness to the strange relationship between fly anglers.

Though fly fishing is largely a solitary sport, as dictated by the need for a huge casting area,
the community rarely fishes alone.

There is solitude in fly fishing, but there is never loneliness.

With the right companions, any day out fishing is a great day; with or without fish.

There is an inexplicable sense of serenity watching a friend wading in the water, rhythmically waving a long rod and then laying the line forward of him.

At times, in fact most of the time, it is more enjoyable watching a friend fish than to be fishing oneself.

For, what fun is there? If, there is no one to witness the landing of a dream fish; or to bear the tale of the one that got away; or to mock each other's tomfoolery.

There will always be dangers and adventures to be shared.

Walking along the stream, listening to a symphony of birds, cicadas, crickets and denizens of the forest, a conversation wanders with no boundaries. At peace with nature and with each other, one can recount the fishing of days past or that which is to come.

Of life's bitterness or the sweetness of success. Or one can remain in silence, relishing the quiet company without the need to speak.

As with all great gatherings, it is never complete without good food and drinks. Be it a gourmet spread or simple fare, a vintage pour or a home brew. After a day's fishing, regardless the result, it will always end on a high note when the grub's abounding and the tap's flowing.

There will never be lacking laughter and joy at the end of a fly angler's trip.

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