Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fly Fish with Mel: Fishing might become a sport after all

A New Hope

Immediately after my posting on fishing not being recognized as a sport here in Singapore, an email was received by our friend, TY. It was from PUB (Public Utilities Board) asking for a meeting to discuss the proposal to create a World Class Sportfishing Environment in Singapore

The meeting is being scheduled for this Wednesday, 21st September. If you have any ideas or contributions, you may want to add your comments to the post in the forum. Perhaps your contributions might help pave the way to a brighter fishing future here on this tiny island. I think we will be needing all the experienced help and suggestions in starting up this fledgling fishing locale.

But whatever it may be, I wanna thank all who have come to visit my blog, either for the first time or have so kindly revisited time and again. I hope to be able to continue providing interesting anecdotes for your reading pleasure. If you have any comments and suggestions on my site, please drop me an email or just leave a comment on my blog. And if you would like me to reply, please let me know the best avenue to do so.

Tight lines and happy fishing!

Sneak preview of my clock in progress

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